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Have an Experienced Divorce Attorney?


Hired an Experienced Divorce Attorney?  Listen to the Divorce Attorney.         I represented a man over two years ago.  I was his divorce attorney.  During the divorce process on many different occasions he would speak directly with his Wife without sharing these discussions with me, without getting my input or advice.  The …

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  Lacking a good night’s sleep either during or after the divorce  or family law proceedings?  Are you experiencing a stressful divorce or family law matter? Chances are, your sleep patterns have been disrupted by your divorce or family law matter. Here are some suggestions on how to restore the balance.  Health and Well-Being O.K. …

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Uncontested Divorce

Uncontested Divorce or Contested Divorce…what do you really know? Most people are aware that there are two main types of divorces in NY:  Uncontested and Contested Divorces.  But are you aware that both uncontested and contested divorces require a law suit and the same paperwork.  Are you aware that documents signed by the parties are …

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The purpose of the initial consultation should be to find answer the following question: Is it in my best interest to hire this lawyer for my divorce or family law matter?  This is the fundamental and most important question for anyone seeking legal representation.  Having said that how do you determine which lawyer is best …

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How Do I Cut Ties With Ex?


HOW DO I CUT TIES WITH  EX? Getting a divorce or court order is only one step in moving into a new life after divorce or break up.  The real divorce from any relationship is the cutting of the emotion, mental and physical ties that bind you to your ex.  How do you cut ties …

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Texting During Divorce, what you should know.   “Don’t worry you will never see your children again.  We are out of here.” “I hate you, your kids will know all about your “friend” “You deserve it, yes, I tore up your papers” “If you leave I don’t know what I will do” “I’m sorry it was …

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Are you really staying together for children’s sake, or are you afraid of coming to terms with your life (and in that case hiding behind your children)? People come and talk to be at the start of a matter and begin by talking about what they think they should do for their children’s sake with this …

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The best representation or cheapest? Legal costs.


Legal costs. It always amazes me when a client tells me that they are not going to talk with me about their concerns in person or by phone because they do not want to be charged.  The comment almost always comes across as if I am wrongly charging them when I do my job.  This …

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Custody Agreement, Can It Be Changed?


Even after working out custody agreements, clients will often contact me weeks, months or even years after a divorce or custody order is final as they find themselves unhappy with the arrangement they entered into and are asking…can custody agreement be changed. Even if they are happy with the current custody agreement or arrangement they …

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