Monthly Archive: April 2020

Negotiating Custody Yourself

This sounds like a good idea, right? You are smart, you know your spouse or significant other. You don’t want to spend any money or don’t have money to spend on an attorney.  So why wouldn’t you just go to a mediator or decide to start negotiating custody yourself? Well, here are some reasons to …

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Virtual Court Proceedings

COURT IS OPEN! In an effort to try and get non-essential matters before the Court, New York State Chief Judge has stated the following: Beginning April 13th Judges are  authorized to schedule conferences at the request of attorneys and can be available during normal court hours to address discovery disputes and other ad hoc concerns.  …

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These are some very difficult times during this Coronavirus for the people I work with and for.  Many of you are calling about parenting time that is going badly, children that are being exposed to potential virus or other inappropriate and risky circumstances.  Some of you need money to get by that is currently not …

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