Monthly Archive: July 2015

What Will A Divorce Cost? Can I Save Money?


What Will A Divorce Cost?  First, start with the question: Do I know what my future costs? How do I save money? WHAT ARE YOUR NUMBERS…take the time to really understand what your financial numbers are for today and for the future. There are no “do-overs” if you discover that you missed something or didn’t …

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Will I Have to Pay Alimony or Maintenance?


  The New York State Legislature has passed a new bill.  This new bill transforms New York’s maintenance or alimony laws.  Now more than ever before make sure you have an attorney knowledgeable in how this will impact your divorce and your life. June 24, 2015, the New York State Senate passed Bill A7645-2015 relating …

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How do I talk to my kids about divorce?

How do you talk to your kids about divorce and custody?

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