Many may be aware by now that for the next three weeks, possibly longer, the NYS Court system, although still open, will only be hearing cases that are “deemed essential”.  It is currently still unclear as to what will qualify, however at this time the following matters still moves forward: 

Filing of Divorce Complaint Actions

Drafting and filing of Settlement Agreements

Filing of Orders to Show Cause for relief that is considered essential

Domestic Offense Matters 

If you are in need of assistance, please be aware that my office is still taking both in person and phone conference appointments in an effort to continue service to our clients.  (We have many long-distance clients and are set up for this work arrangement). 

The system is not going to be easy to navigate without an attorney in its current state. 

WHEN THE COURTS RESUME FULL ACTIVITY there is going to be significant backlog so you may not want to wait to begin work with an attorney at that time.


Balduf-divorce-lawyer-syracuseStacey O’Neill Balduf, Esq. a Syracuse Divorce Lawyer, wife and mother of a blended family herself, concentrates her practice specifically in divorce and family law.

Experienced, successful, comprehensive and affordable legal services for resolving your Family Law and Divorce Matters for over 25 years. Serving Syracuse, Oswego, Auburn and Wampsville Communities.  Consultations are free.

Stacey concentrates her practice solely in divorce and family law working with people who reside in Syracuse and Central New York as well as those out of state in:

Lawyers of Distinction


Not all attorneys have the same experience. Not all attorneys have the abilities. Not all attorneys respond to client’s promptly. AND ATTORNEYS DO NOT ALL CHARGE THE SAME FOR THE SAME WORK!!!! What does this mean for you? READ Read over the family court or matrimonial retainer agreement they give you very By the way, …

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Child’s Therapist- Legal System

I often have parents who tell me that their child’s therapist supports their position and insist that I tell the Court and the Attorney for the Child to be sure and take that position into consideration before rendering a recommendation, position or decision. For over 30 years, with NO exception, therapists are seldom the supportive …

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father's rights

Should I Hire a Father’s Rights Attorney?

IS A FATHER’S RIGHTS ATTORNEY A REAL THING? Just for the record, there is no formal training or certification for being what is referred to by some as a “Father’s Rights Attorney”.  When used it is simply a label a lawyer gives themselves to induce men to hire them. Ask yourself what does a “Father’s …

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When someone comes in to meet with me because they want to modify or change their custody order or arrangement, I begin each FREE CONSULTATION with this question:  What do you want the Court to do?  This is the single most important question in a modification of custody matter.  What do you want a new or …

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Tax Bill Impacts Divorce

The GOP tax bill signed by Trump late last year changed drastically how maintenance/alimony will be handled. One way the Republican tax bill writers tried to raise revenue to compensate for the cuts was through maintenance/alimony. Under the new bill, alimony paid by one spouse to the other will not be tax deductible, and the …

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What’s Your Divorce Plan?

Considering Divorce? You Need a Divorce Plan! If you’re considering leaving your spouse, considering divorce, you need a solid divorce plan. So often people start consulting with their attorney only after the divorce process has begun and everyone is in the thick of things.  I often say to clients that they should have come to …

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Staying Child Centered

Staying CHILD CENTERED is not as easy as one would think.  For almost 30 years I have represented parents, grandparents, children and even myself in divorce and Family Law matters and putting our children first takes real work and constant attention.  Why this is so important:  First, because statements and facts that are not child …

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Divorce or Support Award of College Expenses…Premature

 Last month the New York State Appellate Division (Second Dept) rendered a decision in Repetti v. Repett which reminded us that the Court may direct a parent to contribute to a child’s college expenses, however, when college is several years away, and no evidence is presented as to the child’s academic interests, ability, possible choice …

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