Custody and Visitation

balduf-custody-lawyerCustody and Visitation:

Whether you are the Mother, Father or Grandparent, time with children is imperative to fostering your relationship both now and in the future.  Stacey O’Neill Balduf, Esq. thinks out of the box and has worked out successful plans for many unique situations. Because the outcome of child custody and visitation determines the time you and your child, as well as grandchild, can spend together, you need a seasoned Divorce and Family Law lawyer.  It is important to know that what is not written into the order or judgment of divorce is not enforceable later. Stacey O’Neill Balduf, Esq. has provided Court ordered legal representation for children for over 25 years as an Attorney for Children and understands what having an attorney for your children will mean for you.

“Out of state custody & support-I needed to hire a lawyer for custody & support, my ex lives out of state. Stacey told me what to do and what I should expect as a time frame.  Stacy allowed me to do some of the work to save on fees, that was a big help to me and my kids. She responded to my emails with 24 hours or would call. A resolution was reached quickly in 3 visits to the courthouse. Now that it all is over It is a relief , I would hire Stacey again if I needed to.”~Wane

Temporary Custody and Visitation:

Temporary custody and visitation can be ordered by the Court until a permanent determination or agreement can be made.  This allows for an immediate solution to maintain balance in your children’s life while a final outcome is pending.  If you are in need of an immediate solution, a Temporary Custody and Visitation Order may be appropriate for you, call Stacey Bladuf for a free consultation, with over 27 years of experience negotiating and litigating custody and visitation agreements, Stacey will advise you what your next steps should be.

Modifications to Current Orders:

Sometimes, after an Order has been put in place by the Court, circumstances change and a modification to the Order becomes desirable.  Perhaps parents schedules change, or the child(ren) spend different amounts of time with the parents compared to when the Order was put into place.

Violations of Current Orders:

If you are a party to a current Order and feel the other party is not following the Order of the Court, a Violation Petition may be an appropriate avenue to compel the other party to follow the Order.

Relocation of Children and Residence:

The relocation of children is complicated but not impossible.  Stacey O’Neill Balduf, Esq. has successfully litigated, settled and defended matters of relocation.  Let her experience work for you.

Non-Resident Services:

If you live in another state, or are serving in the military and currently deployed, and your children live in NY, Stacey can still help you. SKYPE Appointments available.  Non-resident clients welcome. Use the contact form online or email Stacey at

Stacey O’Neill Balduf has been litigating and settling NY Divorce and Family Law cases for over 27 years, establishing child custody and visitation arrangements that foster your relationship both now and in the future. The decisions that are made today will shape your family’s entire future, Let’s talk about it.