Grandparent Rights

balduf-law-grandparent-rightsGrandparent Rights are legally enforceable in the State of New York.

“As grandparents seeking guardianship, Stacey has represented us. The children are still with us after three years. It is a process and requires patience and trust in your attorney who knows what the court will accept. We realize that this will be an ongoing process and we hope that Stacey will be our guide for the foreseeable future. There were times we did not fully understand the process and big picture but Stacey always communicated with us when we had questions and stresses during the arbitration and trial preparation. Thank you Stacey for all your help and knowledge of family court. We could see how respected you are in the courthouse with colleagues.”~Elizabeth

The traditional family structure has truly evolved. More often grandparents and other non-parent family members such as siblings, aunts, and uncles are taking on more child-rearing activities. New York recognizes the importance that these non-aren’t relationships have on a child’s life and allow grandparents and other non-parent family members to petition for visitation rights.

The Court will consider two main points in deciding to grant visitation based on grandparent rights:

1. If the grandparent has an “established and meaningful” relationship with the child and

2. The Court feels that it is in the best interest of the child.

Grandparents may petition the Court for visitation rights despite parents opposition to the relationship.  Cases dealing in grandparent rights can be dynamic and detailed and take the knowledge of a seasoned family law attorney.

Stacey Balduf has been successfully negotiating and litigating grandparent rights cases in NY for over 27 years.  Her outside the box thinking has made her a go-to attorney on the issue of grandparent rights.  Initial consultations are free.  If you feel like you have a case dealing in grandparent rights, call Stacey.  The decisions made today, shape your family’s entire future.  Let’s talk about it.