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A Court’s Notice-Do you need a lawyer?

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Divorce is hard…Stacey made a positive difference.”

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“Stacey was the rock in the storm.”

“When I was scared to speak up, she would listen”

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Balduf-divorce-lawyer-syracuseStacey O’Neill Balduf, Esq. a Syracuse Divorce Lawyer, wife and mother of a blended family herself, concentrates her practice specifically in divorce and family law.

Experienced, successful, comprehensive and affordable legal services for resolving your Family Law and Divorce Matters for over 35 years. Serving Syracuse, Oswego, Auburn and Wampsville Communities.  Consultations are free.

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Stacey concentrates her practice solely in divorce and family law working with people who reside in Syracuse and Central New York as well as those out of state in:

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Separation and Settlement Agreement-Beware!

What Is a Separation Agreement? A SEPARATION AGREEMENT IS: a formal acknowledgement that two spouses have agreed to separate but remain legally married. A document listing the terms of the separation and the responsibilities of each spouse. Primarily a permanent agreement which will be used as the terms of your final divorce. It is important …

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A Court’s Notice-Do you need a lawyer?

A Court recently sent a letter to party without a lawyer… I want you to be sure you understand the dangers and disadvantages of giving up your fundamental right to counsel in these proceedings. Amoung other things, you should be aware that if you choose to represent yourself in these proceedings:    You will receive …

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Do You Need to Hire a Divorce Lawyer?

When You Do – and Do Not – Need a Divorce Lawyer Do you need to hire a divorce attorney? Whether or not you should hire a divorce lawyer depends on many different factors – including the value of your property and how cooperative both of you are capable of being. On TV and in …

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Courts and the Covid Vaccine for Kids

There is a rise here in Central New York of court cases whose central issue is the dispute over whether to allow kids to be vaccinated against Covid.  Not surprising parents who do not get along over the simpler things like whether or not to play soccer or take allergy medicine are not likely to …

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A Good Day

Some days as a matrimonial and family law attorney we struggle with why we have picked this area of practice.  Clients and members of the bar often agree that the “system” is broken or unfair.  We spend a great deal of time, if we actually care about our clients, telling them things they don’t want …

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Tax Changes Impact Your Divorce

TAX CHANGES IMPACT YOUR DIVORCE There are a lot of moving parts to representing you during your divorce and the tax changes make it even more challenging. Now add the Recovery Rebate Credits (RRC), Child Tax Credit (CTC), Child and Dependent Care Credit (CDCC) and things get even more complicated. First and foremost, your attorney …

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Beware: Collection New Tax Credit is NOT for everyone!

If you’re divorced and taking turns claiming the credit collecting the credit may not be a good idea. An example is: if Mom and Dad are divorced and have one child. If Dad claimed the child on his 2020 tax return, he would have automatically begun getting the monthly payments on July 15. But Dad …

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DO IT YOURSELF DIVORCE and FAMILY LAW MATTERS For the past 35 years I have practiced matrimonial and family law.  During this period more than half of the clients I represent come to me to “fix” or “undo” what they did when they went unrepresented during their divorce, custody or support matter. Here are the …

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