A Good Day

Some days as a matrimonial and family law attorney we struggle with why we have picked this area of practice.  Clients and members of the bar often agree that the “system” is broken or unfair.  We spend a great deal of time, if we actually care about our clients, telling them things they don’t want to hear because we cannot change that same “system”. 

HOWEVER TODAY, is one of the reasons I do what I do.  A client who thought hard about changing lawyers stayed with me all the way to the end and followed my advice and today’s court outcome went really well. She even asked if she could give me a “hug”!!!

Later today, a client who wanted to drop her case and give up, (I talked her out of it), actually thanked me after our court appearance/hearing today.

Yes, members of our profession who do not practice  divorce and family law don’t understand, so many clients find understanding this process difficult and people are more often than not struggling…but TODAY is a good day.

As long as people need me, I am here.