Courts and the Covid Vaccine for Kids

There is a rise here in Central New York of court cases whose central issue is the dispute over whether to allow kids to be vaccinated against Covid.  Not surprising parents who do not get along over the simpler things like whether or not to play soccer or take allergy medicine are not likely to agree on whether to have their children get the Covid vaccine.

What do you do when parents can’t decide?  The answer for many is go to Court.  I believe it is important regardless of which position you take to remember that the kids are the ones in the middle and how this matter is handled and proceeds is as important as the outcome.

If you choose to have the legal system assist you I can’t stress strongly enough to pick an experienced and compassionate family law attorney, who will not only be able to make your legal case but help you navagatie the lasting affect this will have on your kids.

To read further please check on the story link here She wanted to vaccinate their kids against COVID a Court had to decide. (Although not a NY case it gives insight to what is taking place here as well). https://www.npr.org/sections/health-shots/2022/05/01/1091495933/divorced-parents-vaccination