A Court’s Notice-Do you need a lawyer?

A Court recently sent a letter to party without a lawyer…

I want you to be sure you understand the dangers and disadvantages of giving up your fundamental right to counsel in these proceedings. Amoung other things, you should be aware that if you choose to represent yourself in these proceedings:


  1.  You will receive no advantage or assistance from the Court, which is the impartial arbiter of the dispute in this case;
  2. The Court is not able to assist you in these proceedings, is not able to give you legal advice and no one will go easy on you because you are not a lawyer;
  3. You will be held to the same legal standards as a lawyer, despite your lack of legal education;
  4. You will be expected to present direct evidence and explore the testimony of opposing witnesses on cross-examination;
  5. You will be expected to make appropriate objections to the testimony or documents of the opposing side when there is a basis to do so;
  6. You risk not being able to introduce evidence because of the ignorance of the rules of evidence;
  7. You may be required to prepare and issue your own subpoenas for the production of witnesses and documents for trial and
  8. Some areas of the law are very complicated and that not even a lawyer should represent himself or herself in Court.

Remember what is at stake when you choose to go without a lawyer.