How do I talk to my kids about divorce?

How do you talk to your kids about divorce and custody?

A color photo of a loving father sitting next to his son on a bench.

If you are thinking about talking to your children about Court…DON’T.

The Courts and Attorneys for Children are very clear…do not talk to your children about the litigation. It is difficult but when your children ask what is going to happen or what is going on here are some suggestions on how to handle that:

“The Adults and Court are working on what the future will look like. I know it is hard but hang in there. If you have any questions I can call your attorney and see if she/he can set aside a time to meet with you again.”

“The Court does not want Mom or Dad talking about Court with you. The Judge is afraid it will upset you, so I can only say, tell the truth and remember that what you want to say can be said through your lawyer and not Mom or Dad”

Talking directly to your child about the proceeding can cost you time with your child. The Courts consider that a direct violation of their instructions, they also consider that action as not proceeding in the best interest of your child and will consider it when rendering a decision.

Finally, it would be nice if we could reassure our children and tell them what their future is going to look like, but if you are in the Court system, the truth is you do not know what it will look like yet…call for experienced legal advice from an attorney who represents children as well as parents, one that will help you talk to your children and preserve your relationship.