Virtual Court Proceedings


In an effort to try and get non-essential matters before the Court, New York State Chief Judge has stated the following:

Beginning April 13th Judges are  authorized to schedule conferences at the request of attorneys and can be available during normal court hours to address discovery disputes and other ad hoc concerns.  Judges have also been urged to decide fully submitted motions.

These appearances will be virtual and by skpe or phone and  may be conferences with attorneys only.  We will have to see what the instructions will be from the Administrative Judge in each District.

If you have matters of concern, it is time to prepare the motions and get them before the Court and see what they will schedule.  Contact an experienced attorney who has not stopped working since this Coronavirus outbreak began and has been working for and with clients and successfully getting court interevention when possible.  Give me a call 315 622 5202 or email staceybalduf@gmail.com