These are some very difficult times during this Coronavirus for the people I work with and for.  Many of you are calling about parenting time that is going badly, children that are being exposed to potential virus or other inappropriate and risky circumstances. balduf_legal_advice_experience_divorce_attorney

Some of you need money to get by that is currently not coming in.

Some of you need to have an Order of Protection to stay safe.

Many of you see spouses dissipating assets that you will never retrieve.

I can no longer tell you exactly what the steps are for court intervention or tell you for sure you will get heard however, what I can tell you is that since this Emergency has been put into place I have had a matrimonial Order to Show Cause, signed by a Judge (it took quite a bit of persistence) and three Orders of Protection granted, one which even limited parenting time (supervised).

I have also spoken with and met directly with people at the courthouse who have given me additional insight as to what steps to take to continue my representation of my client’s interest.

Beware of the attorneys  out there who are in need of revenue and they will tell you whatever you want to hear so that you pay them—I am not one of those attorneys.  You will always get the straight story from me.

If you need help, give me a call, it is free.

Remember, much of what we do does not involve court for quite some time, now is a really good time to come in (or have a phone conference) and make a plan for divorce.