Have an Experienced Divorce Attorney?

Hired an Experienced Divorce Attorney?  Listen to the Divorce Attorney.    balduf_legal_advice_experience_divorce_attorney



I represented a man over two years ago.  I was his divorce attorney.  During the divorce process on many different occasions he would speak directly with his Wife without sharing these discussions with me, without getting my input or advice.  The final agreement, drafted by his Wife’s attorney was sent to me and I was informed that my client had signed it and the matter was concluded.  Once again I had not discussed the agreement and its specifics with .my client.  Upon my review of the document I had grave concerns, but my client believed he knew best.  The stress of it all, his internet research and reliance on side agreements with his spouse contributed to his belief that he knew more than I did on these matters. He was so very sure.

Today, that same educated, successful businessman and I we were in Court.  It is likely that the Court will determine that he has willfully violated the terms of that agreement/divorce.  He is facing probation or incarceration.  He is paying me to represent him and is likely to be ordered to pay his now ex-Wife’s attorney’s fees as well.

Today, my client told me that he should not have entered into that agreement.  He told me that he made a serious mistake.  I told him that it was unfortunate, and he had been persuaded to make choices that were not in his best interest at the time of his divorce.  I then had to tell him that none of that mattered.  He was stuck with what he entered into and the consequences for not living up to those terms.

Don’t let that be you!  Don’t hire a divorce attorney just to have their name on your paperwork.  Hire a true counselor at law, a real divorce specialist.  Listen to their advice, let their experience work for you.  The choice is always yours, and so are the consequences of those choices.