Find an Attorney

One Way to Find an Attorney

How to choose your divorce or family law lawyer/attorney is a very serious matter.  It is a substantial purchase financially and it affects all aspects of your daily life.  One way to find an Attorney is word of mouth.  This is often the best method.

I get referrals from my clients, but what continues to surprise me today is the number of referrals or recommendations I get from the people who I opposed in a prior proceeding.  The party or person that is the “other side” of the legal issue. Instead of recommending their attorney…the give my name to their friends who are trying to find an attorney.

Recently, I had a woman who is trying to representing herself this time (I am again representing the Father) come up to me after a Court appearance on her matter and tell me she gave my name to one of her friends.  I thanked her and asked her if I might inquire as to why.  She told me because I seemed to have a plan and direction and that my clients seem to be aware of what was happening and the end result I got for the Father worked for him.  Again, I thanked her, of course I did recommend to her she get a lawyer to represent her this time and offered her names. I told her it was important for her to find an attorney.

When you pick an attorney what might you look for:

  • Someone who offers a free initial consultation. Like test driving a car, check the lawyer out and see if the relationship will be a good fit.

  • Someone who matches your direction and temperament.

Don’t pick a meek attorney if you are looking for someone stronger.

Don’t pick an attorney who doesn’t work with you regarding life plans if you are looking for a life plan.

Don’t pick any attorney who doesn’t take the time to explain things well if you are someone who likes lots of detail.

Don’t pick an attorney who doesn’t think out of the box if you are not happy with the status quo.

Don’t pick an attorney who charges too much if you cannot afford it.

  • Someone you can afford. Paying more for an hourly rate or retainer does not mean they are better. Some of us simply thing it is the moral and right thing to do.  We do our best to offer an excellent service for a reasonable price.

  • Someone who specializes in Family Law and Divorce. Not all attorneys are the same and it is simply said that attorneys who devote their practice, training and life to this work make a difference.

  • Someone who calls you or emails you back promptly. Not the secretary or paralegal but the actual attorney who contacts you within 24 hours.  Look for an attorney who has this in their retainer agreement.

  • Someone who is passionate about their work. This is hard to explain but if you can find an attorney who loves and believes in what they do, that it is more than just collecting money to say out loud what the client wants—hire them.  If you can find an attorney who will sit with you and make a true life plan with you, including custody for now and the future, finances, employment and so much more—hire them.

Take the time to find your lawyer with at least the same amount of research and investigation that you would that new car or stove.  If you are looking at this post you are most likely at a troubled time in your life.  I wish for all of you the best for you and your families.