Your Spouse Hired Me. What does this mean for YOU?

Ok your significant other or spouse has hired me to represent them.  What will this mean for YOU?

First, I am not and will never be about how much money I can make off your misfortune or unfortunate circumstances.

Next, if your spouse has hired me I believe in working with a client to develop, propose and put in place, a Life Plan.  I want them to be able to say in a few years that life is where it should be for them, and for their children and yes, for their spouse.

My experience is that if your objective is primarily to try and “punish” the spouse or “win” then you will be in and out of court for years to come.

It is important to remember that the more you and your spouse fight, the more money lawyers make.

Next, I work to assist the parties in reaching a successful resolution to their matter.  I am not opposed to sitting down with the parties and attorneys.  I always offer to sit down with opposing counsel in every case I am involved with.  I will say that there are quite a few attorneys that will not do this.  I do not understand that position.  If the attorneys discuss the case before Court action, we get clarity as to what everyone’s position is and can discuss options.  Without options it is hard to come to an agreement.  If there is no agreement, we then go to Court where the Court has us tell each other the client’s positions.  Do you see the irony?  The only thing I can think of is the attorneys make more money because they spend more time on the matter instead of possibly resolving it at an earlier stage.

Please note:  Don’t let all this talk of  finding a resolution or settlement fool you.  I am a trial attorney and have no problem taking a matter to court or trial.  I will discuss what this will mean in broad terms for my clients and their families so that if my clients choose this path they understand what it will look like for them, but I also strongly encourage clients to go to court or trial if their spouses are not considering or offering a reasonable resolution.  No one pushes them into agreeing to something that does not work toward a successful Life Plan.

Remember, if you or your spouse hires me, I hope to help you satisfactorily resolve your matter at any stage short of a full trial—if I do this I make less money. That is fine with me…other files are waiting for my attention.  My Life Plan is NOT to send my kids to college on helping you achieve your Life Plan!!!