Conference with Clients in age of Covid

In the age of Covid, for all my current clients and those considering obtaining my services in the future, please note the following:

Prior to your arrival the area you will be in will be sanitized with Lysol spray, fresh air shall be circulated into the space (yes, even if 90 degrees), folder will be wiped down with sanitary wipes.

When you arrive you and I will both use the hand sanitizer.  You will be provided a face shield which we will ask you bring back with you for subsequent meetings.  I will be wearing a face shield as well. This allows for protection for both of us, given both the science and the mysteries of the Covid spread.  We will then sit 6 feet apart.

Shields allow us to still see expressions and body language and speak more clearly all critical components in communication successfully regarding matters as serious and challenging as  divorce and family.

When you leave, we will both again use the hand sanitizer.

Remember, in this age of Covid and even before Covid I offer both in person and phone or electronic conferences available at your request.  I look forward to assisting you and will do everything I can to help you reach a successful and safe future.