Unbundled Legal Services-RUN

balduf.unbundled.legal. service “Unbundled” means you hire the attorney to handle only specific tasks, such as preparing the court documents or entering a limited appearance, and then you handle parts of the case on your own to save money. It claims that fewer billable hours means less cost.

However, if your lawyer is only good for drafting documents than you have the WRONG attorney.  This thought is backwards– the documents are the least of the process.  What a true matrimonial or family law lawyer does for you is offer advice, skillful negotiation, helps you develop a successful plan and implement it, knowing the ropes, the players and the courts.

There are no do-overs!  If you didn’t think of something or consider something for the future, too bad.

If you don’t like something regarding the money, children or assets that you agreed to originally, too bad, it will forever follow you in the future.

If anything, I work with clients as they feel comfortable,  to do some of the paperwork parts of their divorce to save money, however I REPRESENT THEM THROUGH THE WHOLE PROCESS and together we make a life plan for the future and work to make it happen.  Saving money now is likely to cost a great deal later.  Ask around, walk through the halls of Family Court, see how people who have been handling things themselves think it is going.

If you are looking to save money regarding legal representation do your homework. Find one that specializes in the field but does not charge a fortune. The cost of the attorney does NOT indicate their expertise or success.  Some of us simple want to charge a reasonable rate. We believe what we do is important and that excellent representation should not only be available to people of substantial financial means.

Talk with each attorney you contact about how to keep costs down, but still get great service.  If they can’t answer this to your satisfaction, move on to someone else.  So many people spend less time shopping for their attorney than they do buying a car.  Crazy!

Understanding Unbundled Legal Services, Karen Covy