Many might decide that instead of going through all the trouble of finding any paying for a lawyer and going balduf_divorce_attorney_onlineto court for the divorce process they will just jump online and be a hop, skip and jump away from being divorced. What many don’t know is that online divorces aren’t all they may be cracked up to be. Below are some things to look out for when considering an online divorce.

Fees:  While you may think an online divorce will be cheaper, it is important to understand whichever spouse files the divorce is the one that is likely to be responsible for all the fees.

State laws still apply: Divorce laws are different in every state. Even when  using online divorce packets all state divorce laws still apply. Just because you see it on the internet does not mean it contains the proper and updated forms necessary to obtain a New York State Divorce. Old information never comes down and other information may or may not be the most current and necessary information.

Beware of scams: Just like everything else on the internet there are reliable sources and unreliable sources.

Appearing in court: You might have chosen to use an online divorce packet thinking you didn’t have to appear in a courtroom at any point during the divorce.  It is important to understand that it does not mean you will never have to step foot in a courtroom. If you spouse contests any part of the divorce or doesn’t agree with every aspect of the divorce you will more than likely end up in court.

There are many ways to work through your divorce case. The traditional and recommended method involves hiring a divorce attorney that can handle your case and help you to interpersonally work through your current situation. You are hiring someone to give you advice and information you would not otherwise have. Yet some people opt for less practical methods of divorce, such as a DIY divorce or such as hiring an online divorce service  to process the paperwork for you or an online packet to file the paperwork yourself. As this story shows, not all of those ideas will work out satisfactorily.

A woman seeks to start her divorce.  She found the website on the computer and decided to use a do-it-yourself-packet to get the cheap and reasonably priced service she was looking for.  The woman was daunted by attorney’s fees and thought that using a website to packet would be the cheaper option. She was going through an uncontested divorce, meaning that there were no children involved and no property to split. In fact, her and her husband both agreed on the terms of the divorce, so the process seemed so easy a machine could handle it. She signed up with the web service, and paid two installments that totaled $519. After this, papers the were necessary to get a divorce were prepared by the woman and filed with the appropriate court where the divorce was being handled.

Unfortunately, the woman was shocked when the divorce court determined that the papers were not valid and that she could not use them to file. She tried to contact the online service but the divorce service would not respond to phone calls. Don’t set yourself up for a divorce scam like this one when you can have a dedicated and hardworking attorney on your side.

Contact me to represent you and work with you get a divorce and make a true life plan.  I want to help you with your divorce and will not charge you for unnecessary services.

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