Should I Hire a Father’s Rights Attorney?


Just for the record, there is no formal training or certification for being what is referred to by some as a “Father’s Rights Attorney”.  When used it is simply a label a lawyer gives themselves to induce men to hire them.father's rights

Ask yourself what does a “Father’s Rights Attorney” bring to the table?

  • A single- minded approach that is often lacking in a true understanding of the “other side”. Having a clear and experienced understanding of the position of the opposing party is critical to the successful strategy for your case.  When the attorney is experienced enough to have successful outcomes against fathers, that experience is then used to a father’s advantage when they represent fathers.

  • Limited experience and often argue father favorable positions, even if the facts don’t support the request. What does this mean?  I have had a “Father’s Rights Attorney” insist on a hearing because the Father was entitled to physical custody. It is important to note that the Father worked 5pm to 3am Monday through Friday, out of state, as a truck driver.  The hearing was held and the Father received less time than was offered as a settlement. Yes, the Father got heard.  Yes, the attorney made a dramatic argument about Fathers.  But in the end the outcome looked at the facts.  The attorney got paid, the Father got screwed. 

  • A false sense of what can be accomplished. Many “Father’s Rights Attorneys” make promises that just can’t be kept, and then blame the negative outcome on the system or the Court. The attorney gets paid regardless of the outcome.

 What is the take away here?  Don’t be fooled. Pick your lawyer because they are experienced and are willing to tell you the bad with the good.  When able, talk to a lawyer who is recommended by someone you respect.