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How Do I Cut Ties With Ex?


HOW DO I CUT TIES WITH  EX? Getting a divorce or court order is only one step in moving into a new life after divorce or break up.  The real divorce from any relationship is the cutting of the emotion, mental and physical ties that bind you to your ex.  How do you cut ties …

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Texting During Divorce, what you should know.   “Don’t worry you will never see your children again.  We are out of here.” “I hate you, your kids will know all about your “friend” “You deserve it, yes, I tore up your papers” “If you leave I don’t know what I will do” “I’m sorry it was …

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The best representation or cheapest? Legal costs.


Legal costs. It always amazes me when a client tells me that they are not going to talk with me about their concerns in person or by phone because they do not want to be charged.  The comment almost always comes across as if I am wrongly charging them when I do my job.  This …

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